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"Movements" international release
22 December 2007
The CD "Movements" with 3 contemporary recorder concertos written especially for Michala is now released worldwide.
        Already it has excellent reveiws in the internet magazines Klassik Heute in Germany (10/10/10)
and Classical Pointers in UK. For more info:

New orchestra CD
21 December 2007
In April 2006 Michala Petri recorded 3 recorder concertos written for her, with Danish National Symphony Orchestra / DR and chinese conductor Lan Shui.
        The title on the new album is "Movements", and the 3 pieces are "Northern Concerto" by spanish composer Joan Albert Amargos,"Pipes and Bells" by swedish composer Daniel Börtz, and "Etudes" by american composer Steven Stucky.
        The release will be primo May on "Our Recordings", but it is possible already to listen to some of the music on this webside under Discography.
        The recordings are all world premieres!

21 December 2007
One year short of her 50th birthday Michala will celebrate another special day - when she turns 7x7 on the 7/7-07. (Michalas mother ws 4X7 when Michala was born and is today 77, Michalas father will turn 77 the day after her, on July 8.) 7X7 is said to mark a new beginning - and indeed Michala will on the day make a bridge between old and new by perfoming frequently played Telemann and Vivaldi in a place where she has never been before: in Kuala Lumpur with Malaysian Symphony Orchestra - and orchestra which has musicians from all over the world - and Matthias Bamert. A few days later she will premiere Amargos´ "Northern Concerto" - just released on the CD "Movements" - with Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Italian Tour with Claudio Abbado
21 December 2007
In April Michala was on tour in Italy, in ten concerts playing in Bach's Brandenburg Concertos with Bologna Mozart Orchestra, founded and conducted by Claudio Abbado. Other members of the small group were Reinhold Friedrich, trumpet, Guiliano Carmignola, violin, Mario Brunello, cello and Alois Posch, double bass. The venues were beautiful old theatres, like the newly restored Teatro Fenice in Venice. One of the concerts were filmed, and will be released later this year on DVD by Euro Arts.

New Christmas CD
20 December 2007
20 years ago Michala recorded a Christmas Album for BMG,- but for many years it has not been available. Now she just finished a new Christmas Album, Petris Jul, with Danish Radio Sinfonietta conducted by Henrik Vagn Christensen.The repertoire is a combination of Danish traditinal Christmas Songs and Psalms, and Classical music related to Christmas time. The recording is a co-production between OUR Recordings and Foreign Media Group Scandinavia. The release is scheduled to be medio November 2007.

World premiere of Northern Concerto
20 December 2007
On july the 13th Michala premiered Northern Concerto by Joan Albert Amargos in Singapore with Mahai Tang conducting the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.
The piece is already recorded and released on OUR Recordings in June 2007

Deutschlandfunk Programme
20 December 2007
Together with guitarist Lars Hannibal, Michala was asked to make a one hour program called Klassik-Pop-et cetera. The idea is to give the artists a possibility to play and talk about some of the music they like when they are listeners themselves. The program will be broadcasted on Deutschlandfunk December the 1th.

22 April 2006
The "Four Seasons" CD with Swedish Chamber orchestra and Thomas Dausgaard has now been released inGermany and Switzerland. For more info see EMIs website:

CONCERTO Recording
10 April 2006
Michala has just finished recording sessions with Danish National Symphony Orchestra and Chinese conductor Lan Shui of three contemporary concertos composed for her:
American Steven Stucky: "Etudes" (2000); Swedish Daniel Börtz: "Pipes and Bells" (2002) and Spanish Juan Albert Amargos: "Northern Concerto" (2005). The CD is scheduled for release at EMI in the fall 2006.

Italy / Börtz in Finland
02 December 2005
Michala has just returned from Finland after performing Swedish Daniel Börtz´s great concerto "Pipes and Bells" with Turku Symphony Orchestra - an orchestra who often has contemporary works on their repertoire, and who gave Börtz´s concerto a moving performance.
Right before visiting snowy Finland she played 2 concerts in Italy with Cuban born guitarist Manuel Barrueco on a rather hectic trip - with 2 rehearsals, 2 concerts and 20 hours of traveling all within 48 hours.... Partly due to delays of the Italian railway system the hall of the second concert was reached just in time for the concert - but with help from friendly people all went well in the end!
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