Recorded at Baltic Recording, Isle of Bornholm, August 15.-16.-17. 2007

Recorded at 192 kHz 24 bit.

Producer, editing, mix and mastering: Preben Iwan
Technician: Jesper Mejlvang

Executive producer: Lars Hannibal

Graphic design: Charlotte Bruun Petersen
Covernotes: Claus Johansen
English translation: James Manley
German translation: Monika Wesemann
Photos: Anders Beier, Boornwood

Alto: Mollenhauer, Modern recorder, ebony
Soprano: Moeck, Rottenburgh, ebony
Sopranino: Moeck, Rottenburgh, ebony

Violin: Alessandre d´Espine, Torino, 1830

Viola: Mattio Goffriller, Venezia, 1722

Cello: Joseph Hill, London, 1778

Many thanks to Solistforeningen af 1921 for supporting the recording, and to Lars Fenger, music director of the Louisiana Arts Museum, for initializing this project.