Producer/mix and mastering: Preben Iwan
Editing: Michala Petri and Mette Due
Executive producer: Lars Hannibal
Booklet notes: Mahan Esfahani
Biographies: Joshua Cheek
German translation: Søren Meyer-Eller
Photos: Nikolaj Lund
Art work and cover design: CEZBP, OUR Recordings
Recorded in Garnisons Kirke, Copenhagen June 11 - 14. 2019
Warm thanks to the staff at Garnisons Church for the wonderful recording days in the
amazing acoustic of the Church, and to Mogens Rasmussen for tuning the harpsichord
and to Simon Neal for bringing the harpsichord to Copenhagen.

Recorded in the DXD audio format (Digital eXtreme Definition, 352.8 kHz/32bit).
Pyramix DAW system with Horus preamps/ converters and Tango Controller.
Monitored on B&W Nautilus Diamond speakers.
Microphones: 3x DPA 4006-TL - 2x DPA 4015TL, 1x Neumann U89
& 2x Neumann KM184 for surround channel.