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Listen to Mozart Flute Quartets
31 May 2008
Michala Petri's new recording of the four flute quartets, that Mozart originally wrote for travers flute, is now avaiable for listening on the site.
The worldwide releasedate is scheduled to be July the 1th.

Recording in Oslo, Norway
May 20 & 21 2008

Concert in Shanghai Concert Hall
18 May 2008
On April the 6th 2008 Michala, Chenyue and Hannibal played a concert with the title"Dialogue-East meets West" in the fantastic Shanghai Concert Hall. The Shanghai Televsion (SMG) brought some of the concert in the News tha day after, seen by 25.000.000 people in the Shanghai area, and also some more from the concert 5 days after.

World Premiere of Ancient Chinese Beauty
06 May 2008
On April the 4th the new Concerto for Recorder and String "The Ancient Chinese Beauty" by Chinese composer Chen Yi had its premiere in The Emperor Theatre in The Forbitten City in Beijing.
Michala Petri performed the concerto at a Galla Concert, arranged by The Danish Cultural Institute and OUR Recordings ,with Strings from China Philharmonic, conducted by Shen Hao. Two duets for Xiao and Recorder, by Chinese composer Gang Chen and Danish composer Pernille Sejlund,was also premiered by Michala Petri and Chinese Xiao player Chen Yue. The Titel for the evenings concert was "Dialogue-East meets West" and also includes  Lars Hannibal on guitar. In the event amongs others The Danish Prince Consort Henrik was in the audience.

Graubunden Festival in Sct.Moritz
22 April 2008
Michala and Hannibal had the great pleasure again to participate in the Snow and Symphony Festival in St.Moritz last week. Michala played together with Giuliano Carmignola and I Sanatori de Gioiosa Marca
at the Carlton Hotel, and together with Hannibal a recital at Hotel Waldhaus.
The program with Carmignola and these wonderful Italian Baroque specialist in a program including J.S.Bach Double Concerto in d-minor  BWV 1043, and Vivaldi Recorder Concerto 443 was a great succes, there will be much more of this in the future!

New Guestbook!
28 March 2008
A new guestbook is now added to the websites. Please feel free to make an entry.

New Recorder Concerto by Chinese composer Chen Yi
01 March 2008
The new concerto for recorder and String Orchestra "The Anchient Chines Beauty" by Chen Yi
in 3 movements, The Clay Figurines, The Ancient Totems and The Dancing Ink is now finished.
The piece is written for Michala and will have its worldpremiere in Beijing April the 4th 2008 with EOS Orchestra and conductor Hu Yongan

Press conference at the General Society of Spanish Authors (SGAE)
04 February 2008
At a press conference at the General Society of Spanish Authors (SGAE) on Friday February 1st,  the nomination was announced of Joan Albert Amargós Northern Concerto to the Grammy Award.  "Movements" is an OUR Recordings release featuring contemporary recordings especially written for Michala Petri.  Many specialised press were present as well as Spanish Television.  It is the first time a recorder concerto is nominated for a Grammy.  For more information clickhere!

Dalai Lamas 70 års fødselsdag
03 February 2008
Den 6.juli arrangerede Tibet Charity en koncert i Radiohusets Koncertsal i anledning af H.H.Dalai Lamas 70 års fødselsdag. Overskuddet fra koncerten gik til arbejdet med undervisning af tibetanske børn i det nordlige Indien.
Det var en meget smuk aften hvor Dalai lama blev hyldet i ord og toner af bla. Lakha Lama,Ib Michael, Palle Mikkeborg Trio,Poul Dissing og sønner, Sanne Salomonsen og Michala og mig.

"OUR Recordings",- new Label!
18 January 2008
After 30 years on international labels Philips/Polygram, RCA/BMG and EMI, and more than 70 releases,Michala Petri and Lars Hannibal decided to start their own recording company. The reason of starting the new Label " Our Recordings ", is to have the full artistic and creative freedom to release any music/ projetcs they feel is important. The first CD on the new Label will be the duo CD "Siesta" with Latinamerican and Mediterenian inspired music.The release will be primo 2007.
  OUR Recordings
Esromgade 15, opg. 1, 3rd floor, room 15
2200 Copenhagen N
Tel: +45 4015 05 77




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