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Honorary Member of Danish Soloist Union
06 July 2005
On May 19th Michala was named a "Honorary Member" of the Danish Soloist Union. In the citation for the honour her musicality and tecnical perfection was accentuated, as well as her ongoing wish to challenge her own and the recorders possibilities. To receive such an honour from collegues was something very special to Michala.

New recording
14 June 2005
Michala has just been to Örebro in Sweden, to do a recording with Conductor Thomas Dausgaard and The Swedish Chamber Orchestra.
It was exciting and inspiring days - they recorded Vivaldi´s "The Four Seasons" and Saint-Saëns "Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso". In this repertoire Michala was challenging herself and her new recorders: her "Ehlert-Alto" by Ralf Ehlert, produced by Moeck, and her "Modern Recorder" by Joachim Paetzold/Nik Tarasov, produced by Mollenhauer.
These recorders all have a larger sound and more dynamic possibilities which makes it possible to do different repertoire, and to play with bigger orchestras without the soloist disappearing!
The CD will be available from EMI in the beginning of November this year.

Amargos Concerto finished
27 January 2005
The score of Spanish Juan Albert Amargos "Concerto for Recorder and orchestra" has just arrived at Michala´s house. This concerto has been in the making for almost two years, and will be a great and new addition to the contemporary recorder repertoire, with its unusual scoring: Amplified recorder with an orchestra consisting of strings, 22 wind players, 3 percussonists, piano and harp. A quite large orchestra! - but the piece is so well written that the balance with the recorder will work well.
Amargos is amongs other things known for his work for and with jazz musicians, such as Paco de Lucia - and able to mix styles - classical and jazz - in an unusual natural way.

Premiere with Piano
05 December 2004
Few days ago Michala played in Hamburg´s "Musikhalle", with pianist Justus Zeyen. Justus Zeyen is well known for his work with accompanying leading singers, amongst others Thomas Quasthoff and Juliane Banse. In spite of her long list of concerts this was her first ever with piano! Partly because the original repertoire for those two instruments is limited, partly because the recorder until a few years ago existed only in its baroque version, with limited dynamic capacity in comparison with the piano. However, lately more succesful attempts have been made to make new models of the instruments, and in addition to Michalas "Modern Recorder", invented by Nik Tarasov and produced by Mollenhauer a few years ago, she was also at this concert premiering Ralf Ehlerts new "Ehlert Recorder", produced by Moeck. Both instruments matched the pianos volume with no problems, and responded to Michala´s wish for a high quality sound aswell as dynamic expression. The programmme went from baroque to modern, with a few transcriptions of flute- and violin-works, and was very entusiastically recieved by the audience. After this succesful premiere Michala and Justus Zeyen plan to do more concerts in the future.

Japan Tour
11 November 2004
During their recent tour in Japan Michala and Lars Hannibal was invited by Woodone to play a concert at the Itsukushima Shrine near Hiroshima. It was the first time ever that western music was performed at the Shrine, which is considered as one of Japans most important Buddhist Shrines and is build around 1600 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi. The five-store Pagoda which is part of the Shrine is even older, build in 1407.
        In the photo album you can see some pictures which give an impression of the beauty of this very spiritual place, aswell as photos from other of the tours concerts.
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