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Release on "Going to Piece Without Falling Apart"
05 September 2013
It is with great pleasure that OUR Recordings can announce September the 12th as offical release date for "Going to Piece Without Falling Apart",- the double concerto for harp, recorder and string orchestra by Danish composer Palle Mikkelborg. A reception/concert will take place at Copenhagen Piano at 16:00.

Michala Petri in New collarboration with improvisation pianist Carsten Dahl!
26 July 2013
Michala Petri, recorder and Carsten Dahl, piano: "Twilight Dialogue" a concert in 3.movements. Tomorrow on Oremandsgaard Music Festival at 19:30!

Michala Petri signede today a "Project Sponsor Agreement" with Edition Borup-Jørgensen
01 July 2013
For the first time Michala Petri signed a sponsor agreement. The agreement with Edition Borup-Jørgensen will last 2 years. The idea is financial to support some of Michala Petri's Projects,- especially the projects where "New Music" is the counterpoint! The Danish composer Axel Borup-Jørgensen, who died last year, wrote over the last 35 years many compositions for Michala Petri. The sponsorship will also focus on bringing knowledge to this great Danish  composers music in general!

Recording of Anders Koppel
13 May 2013
This week Michala will record Anders Koppel's "Double Concertor for Recorder, Saxophone and Symphony Orchestra"! -written for Michala Petri, Benjamin Koppel and Odense Symphony Orchestra! Henrik Vagn Chistensen will conduct, and the recording will take place in Carl Nielsen Hall in Odense!

Cover and Booklet for the new Palle Mikkelborg is just uploaded under releases!
08 May 2013
It is now possible to read about the new release Going To Pieces Without Falling Apart on the website under releases! Enjoy!

New CD with music by Palle Mikkelborg just finished!
03 May 2013
Double Concerto for Harp, Recorder and String Orchestra "Going to Pieces Without falling Apart", is just uploadet. Solist are Helen Davis and Michala Petri, and the strings from South Jutland Symphony Orchestra are conducted by Henrik Vagn Christensen. On Afterthoughts Palle Mikkeborg is playing the trumpet himself! Producer is Preben Iwan.

The Nightingale from OUR Recordings, another multichannel must-have". PS Audio
21 February 2013
"And here is another recording worth checking out: Michala Petri, recorder superstar, teamed with the Danish National Vocal Ensemble and conductor Stephen Layton (another Brit!) in four works composed especially for her. The result is The Nightingale from OUR Recordings, another multichannel must-have". PS Audio

Exciting new Telemann recording in New York
20 February 2013
Michala Petri is on a 1 month Tour in USA, and during her stay in in New York she did a  recording of Telemann sonatas with american harpsichordist Anthony Newman. The CD is scheduled to be released August 2013.

English Recorder Concertos Top 10 in Hong Kong
23 January 2013
English Recorder Concertos was woted into the top ten music headlines of HK - the only CD to do so! Congratulation to City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, Michala Petri, conductor Jean Thorel, composer Richard Harvey and producer Preben Iwan.!

ENGLISH RECORDER CONCERTOS has been nominated as one of the TOP TEN MUSIC HEADLINES in Hong Kong in 2012!!
26 December 2012
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